Bodywork & Movement Training


Superior bodywork customized to your needs

I tailor each session to your needs.  A typical session is anything but typical and is usually a blend of Deep Tissue, Soft Tissue, Myofascial Release, and trigger point work with adjusted pressure to suite your wants and needs on that particular day.  I refer to your sessions as "table work" or "mat work" and my services are priced by time not modality.  If it is your first time, a 90 minute session is a good idea.  Besides leaving time to make assessments  It allows you, the client, to unravel holding patterns and for me, the therapist, to address areas of painful tension while addressing the goal of the session.  A 60 minute manual therapy session is usually sufficient to address most issues especially if you get work on a regular basis.  Once a goal for treatment is discussed manual therapy can be performed as either table work or mat work.


60 minute $105
90 minute $140


Move more efficiently and avoid injury

What does a movement therapy session look like?  Well, it can take the form of a private yoga instruction or include fundamental body weight movements like squats, lunges, single leg balancing and include planks, hip hinging and even jumping.  The goal of each session will be to work with your body and your weaknesses.  Not only will you learn how to move more efficiently, but your body will be challenged as you work on balance, strength and integration.

Private instructions provide the perfect setting to address specific goals and work on areas of individual needs.  Many clients choose to include movement sessions in their bodywork program.  This is an extremely valuable and effective strategy. Private movement classes are held by appointment in the Havertown office.

60 minute $105