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"I feel incredibly better after each session..."



Massage Client Testimonials

Here are a few samples of what clients are saying about my services:


"Dominick is a highly skilled, knowledgeable and professional therapist.  He is responsive to your needs and adjusts his touch accordingly.  His training in several massage techniques and his knowledge of corrective bodywork and yoga makes for the perfect therapeutic massage. He is 100% focused on his client finding points of tension, stiffness and pain that need special attention. His massage has me leaving, relaxed, refreshed,revitalized and pain free. I have experienced many, many, many massages and none have matched the skill, and touch of Dom. He is truly a Master' of His Craft!!!  Best of the Best. His appointment book is easy to use and you get an immediate response & confirmation." 

-Fran G., West Chester, Pa


"Dominick is the Best!!! My shoulder has been in pain for years. After my first visit I gained back almost all of my range of motion and my pain had significantly reduced. I'm on my forth visit and pain free. I am thrilled I have finally found someone like Dominick who is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of his field. He communicates to you in a way I can actually understand. I highly recommend Dominick!"  - BethAnn M., Swedesboro, NJ


"Dominick has transformed the way I am able to participate in life. Multiple body aches and joint pain had caused me to limit activities that seemed to aggravate my symptoms.  Through Deep Tissue massages and Thai massages he has increased my flexibility and I am now able to be as active as I chose.  Dominick is available and responsive to requests for new appointments."  - Wendy H., Villanova



"Dominick is a highly skilled professional! He is a "Master" in his field. He  possess knowledge in many areas. Dominick  has the ability to integrate this vast knowledge and provide his clients with superior and effective therapeutic interventions. He  is a careful listener and educator. He responds to your individual needs and implements a variety of techniques which result in significant pain relief. Prior to becoming one of Dominick's clients, I lived in chronic pain. Under his care I remain pain free and able to exercise and "move" through my day in a positive way. 
His website and appointment book are user friendly. He responds to appointment requests in a very timely manner and goes out of his way to schedule an appointment. 
On the way to my appointments, as well as after, I always say, "Thank goodness for Dominick". 
Scheduling an appointment with Dominick is one of the best gifts you can give yourself!" - Kate M., Glen Mills


"This the best massage I've ever received. I have had a lot of massage work done due to back surgery and scoliosis. Dominick return messages and schedules to meet your convenience. He gives the most soulful and physical massage. I recommend him hightly. He works hard and leaves a peaceful and calm impression on your body!" - Nancy J., Philadelphia 



  • "At the top!  I have had many "world class treatments and Dominick is right there!"- Denise, St. Davids
  • "The massages you give are the best I've had." - Linda, St. Davids
  • "Awesome!  You are the best!  It's the ultimate way to relax." - Wynne, Broomall
  • "Excellent...extremely professional, great technique!  Dominick is the best of the best.  I not only recommend him to everyone, I give gift certificates!" - Francine, Villanova
  • "They are great!  Very therapeutic!" - Andrea, Malvern
  • "Dominick can vary treatment to address specific issues." - Nathalie, Wynnewood
  • "It is truly professional and healing." - Anne Marie, Newtown Square
  • "I think this in-home service is the best.  Pain has abated." - Ed, Wallingford
  • "Great!  I had a tension headache that was relieve once I received the massage." - Shannon, Glen Mills